Create and Post a Blind Ad

Who can use this feature?

Administrator and user with Job ads permission

  1. From Recruitment Centre dashboard, click Job ads at the top menu bar to access My job ads page.
  2. At Homepage, click the “Post a new job ad” button​


  3. Part 1: Write your Job Ad

    • Select Ad Type: Choose the right ad type for your needs​
    • Post job in: Choose a country (subject to package availability) you wish to post the Job Ad from the dropdown menu.
    • Job title: Free text field to type in your position title.

      Note: Job title can be changed within 5 days from the Job Ad original posting date.

    • hk-2-2-part-1-blurred

    • Job details: Enter the job description and requirements in the text box with necessary skills and knowledge required for your job vacancy.


    • Application management: Enter the email address if you wish to receive the notification of candidate application(s) via email.


    • Summarize your job ad for job seekers: Free text field to type in the 3 summary points of your job vacancy pitch points.


    • Employer profile: Click img-btn-edit-pen to edit your employer profile if you wish to.


    • Once you clicked on img-btn-edit-pen , a pop up window will show as below.
      Click on the checkbox if you wish to hide company name.


    • It will then pop up another window as below:create-and-post-job-ad-part1-g2Make sure you fill in your phone number so that the candidates can contact you for enquiries. Kindly note that Blind ad cannot be posted without a contact phone number.

      Important Note:
      For blind ad, to make sure it complies with PCPD Ordinance. The ad contents (including company description, job ad details and ad footer) SHOULD NOT directly request candidates to provide personal information, please refer to below keywords for sample:

      1. Resume
      2. CV
      3. Current and expected salary
      4. Cover letter / application letter
      5. Apply Now
      6. Apply
      7. For application
      8. For interview / interview arrangement
      9. Curriculum vitae

      Visit for more details about Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

  4. Part 2: Promote your Job Ad

    • Job functions: Choose from the dropdown menu and you have an option to add up to 3 job functions about the job.

      Note: Job functions can be changed within 5 days from the Job Ad original posting date.


    • Industry: Choose from the dropdown menu to set the job industry about the job.
    • Primary work location: Choose from the dropdown menu to set the work location about the job.


    • Employment type: Choose from the menu to set the employment type about the job.


    • Salary details: Choose from the dropdown menu to set the salary range about the job.
    • Additional information: Choose from the menu to set more details about the salary.
    • Salary display: Choose from the menu to show or hide the salary in your Job Ad.


    • Benefits (optional): Choose from the menu to show more benefits about the job in your Job Ad.


    • Assign label: Organize and manage your Job Ads or candidates by assigning your preferred label. To create a new label, click Add.


    • Filter applications: Set your criteria to automatically filter out applications that do not meet your requirements.


  5. Part 3: Preview your Job Ad

    Have a final view of your Job Ad before proceed to checkout and post. You have options to:

    • Save as draft: Save your drafted Job Ad to edit later / post.
    • Edit job ad: Click Edit Job Ad to further edit your Job Ad before posting.

    You can also select the options below and share your drafted Job Ad to others for review:

    • Send to others for review: Email your drafted Job Ad to others for approval or references before posting.
    • Print: Print your Job Ad or save it as a PDF file for approval or references before posting.


  6. Part 4: Checkout with available Ad Budget and post your Job Ad

    • Review your budget balance and click post to complete your posting​


    • Done! Your job ad has been posted successfully​


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