Process and shortlist candidates fast

  1. From Recruitment Centre dashboard, click Candidates at the top menu bar to access the candidate listing page that applied to your Job Ads.
  2. You can quickly search for the candidate application you wish to process by using Filters, Label or Search Bar (e.g. candidate name or position title of your Job Ad). process-and-shortlist-candidates-fast-step2
  3. Look for the candidate application you wish to process. They are arranged into 3 types – Unprocessed, Shortlist and Not Suitable.
    • Unprocessed: Candidates who applied to your Job Ad but pending your review.
    • Shortlist: Viewed and chosen candidates by you for later arrangement.
    • Not Suitable: Candidates that declined by you.
  4. In the Unprocessed folder, candidates are shown in a card format with quick info about them and Job Ad applied. manage-your-candidates-screenshot-2a
    • Candidate’s name
    • Candidate’s current position title, employer and industry
    • Snippets of working experience, academic qualification, current location, work permit and salary preference
    • Job Ad that the candidate applied
  5. You can click on the candidate name to view their full resume details.
  6. Click icon-shortlist or icon-not-suitable to process and move them to respective folders.

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