Send Job Ad invitation

Who can use this feature?

Administrator and user with Talent Search permission

  1. In the Talent Search result page, choose the candidate profile you wish to send your Job Ad invitation. talent-search-screenshot-3
  2. If you wish to send Job Ad invitation to multiple candidate profiles at one time, tick on the box next to the position title and employer name. talent-search-screenshot-4
  3. Click icon-send-job-ad .
  4. Select the active Job Ad from the dropdown menu that you wish to send and invite the candidate to apply.
  5. Personalize your Job Ad invitation in the free text field. You can click Preview to have a look of the email drafted. talent-search-screenshot-9
  6. Check your coin consumption and click icon-send-job-ads to confirm and send the Job Ad invitation email.
  7. A notification will appear at the top of your page once the Job Ad invitation is successfully sent to the candidate.

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