Job Seeker Salary Report 2021

In the midst of numerous challenges, how do salaries and bonuses fare? What is the general future employment outlook? Consolidating the selfless sharing of over 4,200 employees, JobsDB presents the 2021 Job Seeker Salary Survey Report, with salary indices and trends in the job market.

2021 Salary Survey Report Key Findings

1. As of 1 March 2021, full-time employees had an average salary increase of 0.4%, a 0.9% decrease from last year.
2. Among the 4,288 people surveyed, only 34% of full-time employees received a pay-rise, 55% had their salary remaining unchanged, and 11% said that they had a salary cut.
3. The three job functions that saw the most pay-rise are: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media (+3.8%), Legal / Compliance (+3.3%), and Media & Advertising (+3%).
4. Employees in these three job functions experienced a pay-cut: Hospitality / Tourism (-8%), Retail Sales (-6.4%), and Food & Beverage (-4%).
5. 46% of employees received an average of 1.2 months of bonus. The three job functions that distributed the most bonuses are: Banking, Finance, and Transportation & Logistics.
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Salary trend according to the JobsDB Salary Survey Report

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Respondents’ employment outlook for Hong Kong in 2021:


77% of respondents are open-minded about the possibility of changing jobs in the coming three months. Here are the five job functions with most people looking to change jobs:

Marketing / Branding
Hospitality / Tourism
Retail Sales
Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Social Media
Public Relations & Corporate Affairs
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Extra: Employees’ inclination to work overseas

Almost half of respondents would consider working for a long term in the coming two years.

Note: The definition of “long term” is to stay in the same job or position for one year or more.
Five most popular overseas work destinations

Among those who will consider working overseas, 95% chose Asia Pacific. The five most popular work destinations are: Australia (41%), the United Kingdom (39%), Taiwan (37%), Singapore (30%), and China (26%).

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