Will AI steal your job? No, it helps you find the right one. Use often for more accurate job searches.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) threatens the future careers of many. In the near future, machines may replace human resources in sectors such as translation, copywriting, automated driving and other intelligent services. Does AI, however, exist just for depriving you of employment opportunities? Not exactly. AI is also creating new career opportunities because it solves human flaws on many levels.  

Let’s look at job hunting. Like an enormous spider web, AI connects employers and job seekers. It consolidates information provided by employers and job seekers into big data, before ‘machine learning’ begins to continuously analyse and calculate the best job recommendations for every job seeker. What jobsDB is applying on its recruitment platform is precisely this super powerful AI system.

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AI learns human behaviours and uses an algorithm to categorise job seekers’ individual preferences.

For many practical users, AI is just a generic name of a computerised system. In fact, it is not difficult to understand how it works. Let’s explain this with a consumer-salesperson scenario. A junior salesperson approaches a customer, who is looking for Bag A. When the salesperson hands Bag A over, the customer realises Bag A does not suit her and thus leaves the shop empty-handed. Before AI cut into the recruitment system, job seeking had always been unidirectional. Job seekers used to search for a specific role and search results were confined within certain limits.

AI is like an advanced salesperson, whose profoundly accumulated sales experience has trained him or her to observe different customer behaviours. Noblewomen would choose Bag A, young girls Bag B, while men would prefer practical styles. By observation, it categorises these people into single or similar customer groups and stores the preferences of different customer groups in a memory system. Next time, when the salesperson encounters a customer, he or she would suggest styles that previous customers from the same group had purchased. To the salesperson, similar customers should have similar tastes, and by observing this, the chance of a successful sale will be higher.  

Will AI steal your job-it helps you find the right one-2AI analyses and learns behavioural patterns of users / job seekers and applies them on the ‘job recommendation’ function, assisting users to find the right job.

AI is a meticulous salesperson generated by algorithm

Likewise, AI uses an algorithm to find job matches – while humans could only conclude physical observation and salesperson-customer interactions. While human memory is unreliable, the memory system of AI is a lot more powerful and dependable. It bridges job seekers and suitable vacancies. By studying both job ad contents and job seekers’ background, traits and previous experience at the same time, it matches the keywords from the contents of both sides and finds the most suitable positions for job seekers.

AI also integrates preferences of other similar job seekers and uses big data algorithms to recommend suitable jobs. If you search ‘IT Manager’ only, the job recommendation tab will probably offer other vacancies with different titles but similar competences, such as ‘IT Project Manager’ and ‘IT Strategist’, or even completely different job titles such as ‘Head of Technology Management’.

This is because AI groups together a bunch of similar job seekers in its database, discovers job opportunities that you have never thought about but would probably fit, increasing job seeking efficiency.  

Will AI steal your job-it helps you find the right one-1AI is revolutionising what used to be a unidirectional job seeking process, diversifying job recommendations and providing job seekers with more career opportunities. 

How to fully utilise ‘job recommendation’?

To make the most from the ‘job recommendation’ function and blanket-search for all suitable vacancies, you have to:

  • Keep updating your profile: AI will match your updated profile and job experience with relevant job ads and the big data, and give you instant feedback on the job recommendation tab. Adding more competence-related keywords in your profile, such as ‘project management’, ‘scrum master’ and ‘SEM/SEO’, will help AI find more suitable jobs for you.
  • Search often: As we explained before, AI is a learning system in a nutshell. It studies human behaviours and behavioural patterns to provide the best solutions. Therefore, the more you log into jobsDB and search jobs (mobile app or desktop version), the more accurate the search results will be. Jobs recommended by AI will also expose you to more career possibilities and accelerate your job-hunting process.
  • Repeat after us: Log into jobsDB before job searching! Log into jobsDB before job searching! Log into jobsDB before job searching! It is because AI can only regularly study your needs and find you the perfect jobs when you are logged in.
  • Great job recommendations at your ‘doorstep’ even when logged out: If you have recently sent out an application via jobsDB’s Member Apply, our AI system will send you job recommendation emails at regular intervals, keeping you posted about the hottest and latest jobs in the market.

Will AI steal your job-it helps you find the right one-3When logged into our desktop version website, you can find ‘recommended jobs’ on the home page.

Will AI steal your job-it helps you find the right one-4If you log into your jobsDB account via our mobile version website, you will immediately see the most updated ‘recommended jobs’.

Will AI steal your job-it helps you find the right one-5Our mobile app shows the latest recommended jobs to logged in members. Tab the home icon anytime to return to recommended jobs.

Conclusion: In today’s world, job seeking is nothing but convenient. Type a few words on the website and a long list of job vacancies will appear. What is truly worth discussing, however, is not finding a job; it is to find the right one. Unidirectional job search can no longer serve job functions that require multi-tasking. Merely looking at job titles is not enough for efficient job seeking. A precise match of competences and skills will help talents find the perfect match job in the pool.


This article is either written or edited by jobsDB HK. If you would like to publish it on other website or publication, please contact us by email: [email protected]. jobsDB reserves the right to take legal action against any person that infringes the copyright.


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