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Popular roles on

  • IT Manager

    in Information Technology

    HK$ 16000 - 80000

    Avg HK$ 41,652
    MinHK$ 16,000
    MaxHK$ 80,000
  • Secretary

    in Admin & HR

    HK$ 11000 - 35000

    Avg HK$ 22,348
    MinHK$ 11,000
    MaxHK$ 35,000
  • Merchandiser

    in Merchandising & Purchasing

    HK$ 12000 - 30000

    Avg HK$ 18,679
    MinHK$ 12,000
    MaxHK$ 30,000
  • Project Manager

    in Information Technology

    HK$ 16000 - 78000

    Avg HK$ 40,187
    MinHK$ 16,000
    MaxHK$ 78,000
  • Marketing Manager

    in Marketing / Public Relations

    Avg HK$ 35,067/mth
  • Avg HK$ 15,419/mth
  • Account Manager

    in Sales, CS & Business Devpt

    Avg HK$ 29,911/mth
  • Avg HK$ 19,617/mth

What do our candidates say about their job?

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  • 1. Creating unexpected service to the guest 2. The first greeting generated to provide geniune service 3. Answer and guide the cor...

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  • Maintain good relationship with existing customers and develop new business. Follow up customer enquirers, pursue key prospects, n...

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